01 Jun 2018

Life in America Today

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I hate these people more than I hate life itself.

The American Tradition of a punch in the face has to be brought back.

Seattle Sam

So I have to ask the question. After you’ve educated me about my racism, what is supposed to happen? If this sign had appeared in a store 50-60 years ago, I would understand what you wanted. What actions are you looking for now?

Reltney Mcfee

Do you plan to “educate” me about my racism, as effectively as our colleges “educate” their students to participate in adult life, or, rather, in the manner that Lol Lot “educated” the educated in his society?

And, do you *really* anticipate that I will sit still, for either one?

Seattle Sam

The word “educate” used to mean conveying knowledge. Today, in the finest tradition of Pol Pot, it means controlling what you think.


Sam! They want free stuff! They have always wanted free stuff. Money, jobs they aren’t qualified for, special rights, a bigger portion of your tax money, reparations, no punishment for committing crimes, You name it they want it , more of it. That’s what the racism scam is all about and what it has always been about

Spurt Reynolds

I can’t wait to see revenue for Starbuck’s go down as normal people get their coffee from some other coffee company.

I’m giving my money to Black Rifle Coffee.


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