22 Jul 2018

What Could a Russian Spy Possibly do with the NRA?

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Maria Butina.

HuffPo refers to Maria Butina “infiltrating” the National Rifle Association.

What could a Russian spy possibly accomplish by infiltrating the NRA?

Persuade the Board of Directors to start supporting Gun Control?

Fiddle with the reticle on Oliver North’s telescopic sight?

The allegation makes no kind of sense. No Russian “infiltration” could possibly change the NRA’s agenda or political orientation. And it is essentially impossible to imagine a more unlikely ally of any foreign adversary of the United States. You get the impression that these liberals have never seen “Red Dawn” (1984).

NRA members: those are the guys with guns who become the Resistance to the Russian Invasion.

It’s the other side, all the liberal Gun Control groups, that are helping the Russians disarm America.

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So apparently the Russians support the U.S. constitution more than the Democrats do.


Little known and not well published is the fact that the NRA, a UN NGO, recently set up shop in Russia for the purposes of…um…selling them out over decades as well, one little infringement at a time I guess. If the Russians were smart they’d kick these wishy washy compromisers out right now.


The outlandish Democrat claim that the Russkies are infiltrating the NRA makes a lot of sense if you realize liberals are drowning men willing to grab anything that floats.

Dick the Butcher

It is not only Ms. Butina.

Last week, Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale (aka Nogoodnick) came to my home and told ne to send another $500 check to the NRA/ILA.

In other news: Parkland Kids’ travel agent named best . . .

Seattle Sam

I don’t remember liberals being upset when Russians had actual spies infiltrating our government. In fact, as I remember, they called Senator McCarthy’s committee a “witch hunt”. The Rosenbergs are still heroes to them.


When we opened all the doors and windows to legal and illegal immigration in the mid 60’s Russia and China started sending us spies. Probably in the tens of thousands of them. Some have been here so long they reached retirement age. Every town near a military base or strategic business/college has Russian and Chinese spies. They fly back and forth unimpeded and unnoticed. You have probably invited a few to your backyard barbecue without knowing it. It’s so easy to get into the U.S. and to spy in the U.S. that they probably don’t even have to train them. I would not be surprised if American taxpayers subsidize the spying without knowing it.


I might believe it once the letter R in NRA is backward!


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