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14 Apr 2022

Life Imitates Art


Task and Purpose:

For recent proof of this centuries-old maxim, look no further than this photo of an abandoned Russian infantry fighting vehicle in Ukraine with the word “Wolverines” scrawled on the side in white spray paint in an apparent homage to the 1984 Cold War-era action flick “Red Dawn.”…

The photo was shared to Twitter on Thursday in response to a tweet by NPR’s White House correspondent, Scott Detrow, who wrote that “We were driving too fast to get a clear picture – but we just drove past a destroyed Russian tank with WOLVERINES spraypainted across it.” Fortunately, Oleg Tolmachev, the head of production for Ukrainian oil and gas company Naftogaz, had seen the exact same thing and snapped a photo of it.


HT: Karen L. Myers.

22 Jul 2018

What Could a Russian Spy Possibly do with the NRA?

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Maria Butina.

HuffPo refers to Maria Butina “infiltrating” the National Rifle Association.

What could a Russian spy possibly accomplish by infiltrating the NRA?

Persuade the Board of Directors to start supporting Gun Control?

Fiddle with the reticle on Oliver North’s telescopic sight?

The allegation makes no kind of sense. No Russian “infiltration” could possibly change the NRA’s agenda or political orientation. And it is essentially impossible to imagine a more unlikely ally of any foreign adversary of the United States. You get the impression that these liberals have never seen “Red Dawn” (1984).

NRA members: those are the guys with guns who become the Resistance to the Russian Invasion.

It’s the other side, all the liberal Gun Control groups, that are helping the Russians disarm America.

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