03 Aug 2018

Tweet of the Day

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Of course, Iowahawk is just joking around, rhetorically hoisting dog-eating Gook girl with her own Intersectional petard. In reality, I expect that he, like Robby Soave at Reason and Jonah Goldberg and Kevin D. Williamson at National Review and I, thinks 1) employers ought to keep their noses out of employees’ social media, 2) the current practice of print-mobbing people out of jobs for crimes against political correctness is outrageous, and 3) we old white men (despite our propensity to sunburn) are just not so thin-skinned as to get all weepy and distressed over a few insulting cracks on Twitter. Old white men are a lot more secure than all that.

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IMHO there are two kinds of “racism” in the world.
1. The most common type where one side (well I mean the left of course) makes the claim of racism simply to destroy a political opponent. There is no racism, sometimes there is an event or opinion that can be twisted to make it look like racism but essentially it is a lie.
2. Real racism where the person dislikes/hates a race/gender/tribe/etc. and intends them harm.

It doesn’t hurt me or make me thin skinned to see or receive the second kind of racism but it worries me. It portends a dangerous and socially declining future for our country. I firmly believe it is appropriate to shame anyone guilty of real racism with the intent of turning them around and discouraging others from following in their footsteps. So while I agree that employers have no business looking into employees social media I also think that once these things are exposed they become part of the discussion regardless of how they were exposed or where they were exposed from.

Schill McGuffin

While I generally agree with employers keeping their noses out of employees’ social media, I think there are forms of employment where there’s not a clear distinction between public and personal — some forms of marketing, media jobs, etc. Some people’s social media presence is all about marketing themselves, attracting public interest and “clicks”.

If a writer’s social media pronouncements incline me to say “I find this person’s views contemptible, and I’m not going to support it, or their employer’s publications”, that’s something the employer is realistically going to have to consider.


Sorry, the progs created this rule – destroying people because of their social media activities. We need to inflict the same rules on them if we ever want this to stop. Give them the full Alinsky.

I am not willing to put up with a two tier system, where they impose on us and a separate system for them. Some animals are not more equal than others.

Consider a white male Tweeting what Sarah Jeong did about any of our protected classes. There is no way the NYT would hire him.


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