07 Sep 2018

A Lot of Us at Yale Were Minoring in That Back in 1968

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It’s No Joke: Students Can Minor in Marijuana At Stockton University

Students at Stockton University will soon be able to minor in marijuana.

The south Jersey school rolls out its new “Cannabis Studies” minor program next week. While several schools around the state offer courses in cannabis as part of their science programs, Stockton may be the first higher education institution in the Garden State to launch a program designed to prepare students for the rapidly expanding weed industry in New Jersey — and across the nation.

“It’s an industry that is developing and certainly there are a lot of possibilities and new jobs,” said Kathy Sedia, who is an associate professor of biology at Stockton and coordinator of the program. Stockton is nestled in the Pine Barrens just a short drive from the Jersey Shore.


HT: Bird Dog.

To get an A, you have to be able to roll a toothpick-thin joint with one hand.

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“Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers”!.
“Times of dope will get you through times of no money, better than times of money will get you through times of no dope”.


“To get an A, you have to be able to roll a toothpick-thin joint with one hand.”
I’ve done that driving.
Packed a chilum more than once with black Afghan hash.

Dick the Butcher

They still like (insolvent) Tesla. The huge investment firms (Fidelity, TRowe Price, etc.) see pot stocks as the next wave.

They legalized gambling. The vile scum you insist on serially electing want the tax revenues from legal pot.

Why do you think they call it “dope?”

Anyhow, (seen elsewhere) colleges are enemy-controlled territory.


Dick, I do not know how old you are, or where you are from, but in the 50’s & 60’s NYC, dope was heroine. I stand by my previous posts, but I more resemble the left side of the above gif. I went to my last Boy Scout meeting the friday before I went to boot camp in ’68. My experiences vis a vis mood altering substances were mostly thanks to the US Army for the opportunity, and my choice.
I came to this site just now to see if anyone may remember “The Americans” by Gordon Sinclair and Byron MacGregor.

Dick the Butcher

GBEAR, Friday the doc told me I have cataracts. That is in addition to COPD, gall stones, gird, melanoma (beat it), various hernias, bad knees, involuntary celibacy, halitosis, . . . Apparently, I quit drinking for nothing.

I remember 1973 very well. I don’t remember five minutes ago. The US had finally convinced NV and the USSR that we were serious (1972 Christmas bombing campaign) about the war and inked the Paris peace accords. Yay! Curtis LeMay would have done it in 1965.

Do you text and drive? I didn’t have much practice rolling.

I could have been president of IBM or Citibank but I was drinking when I should have been thinking; old joke.

I assume you went to Vietnam. I was in also. You and I lived that “History.” You saw what I saw. Maybe like anything else we came away with different conclusions and “memories.”

Re: ’60’s and early ’70’s dope in NYC. I will neither confirm or deny . . . Only one of my buds went on to H. He had been a big head.

In this world, youths need to be sharp, not stoned; but the state needs more, more, more money.


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