05 Oct 2018

Come Friendly Bombs and Fall on Madison

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Rod Dreher finds that the behavior of the Left has hit a new low in Madison, Wisconsin.

Matthew Schmitz posted this comment from Solzhenitsyn to Twitter just now:

Well. In Madison, Wisconsin, the city council has voted overwhelmingly to remove a cemetery marker noting the names of about 140 Confederates, most of whom died in a prisoner of war camp in the town. More:

“You don’t have discussion in a cemetery. You have reflection, and you have memories, and this (monument) brings up memories that are not so pleasant in our history,” said Council Vice President Sheri Carter.

These are Americans who died as prisoners of war. “They die off like rotten sheep,” said a Union soldier who worked at the camp, where conditions were bad. The “monument” is a tombstone large enough to feature the names of each of the dead. This is not a statue of a Confederate war hero. It is simply a grave marker noting the names of POWs who died far from home.

There is no longer equality before God of the fallen, not in Madison, Wisconsin. The city council spits on these dead men, who passed away not in combat, but in Union custody.

In Grace Church cemetery in my Louisiana hometown, you can visit the grave of Lt. Commander John Hart, US Navy, who captained a Union gunboat that was shelling the town and that very church in 1863. Cmdr Hart committed suicide on the boat during the battle. He was a Freemason, as many of the Confederates were. Hart’s men asked for a truce, and for the right to bury their commander in the Grace Church cemetery with full Masonic honors. The Confederate Masons agreed. So the war stopped while all the combatants gathered around the grave to commit Cmdr Hart to the earth.

Children in my hometown are often taken to Hart’s grave and told the story. His grave is treated with great respect locally, and always has been. That’s what decent people do for the dead. There is a brotherhood that defies mortal conflicts.

The leaders of Madison, Wisconsin, are manifestly not decent people.

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Seattle Sam

There are none so righteous as the intellectual class (which runs Madison).

Dan Kurt

re: “There are none so righteous as the intellectual class (which runs Madison).” Seattle Sam

They may consider themselves to be intellectuals and so may their epigones but in truth they are Mid-wits at best.

Dan Kurt

p.s. Seattle Sam, if you indeed live in Seattle, your own city council is winning the race to incoherence with the one from Madison.

Soren K

Perhaps the Catholic Diocese of Madison will take up the opportunity to relocate this market onto its grounds continuing the message from Madrid that all dead are equal before God.

Not betting on it… but wouldn’t that be a heck of an ecumenical gesture.


You are nothing to them unless you follow the Party Line that will be distributed 200 years in the future.

Where is the monument to the “Ice Pick for Trotsky”?

Seattle Sam

Dan — I do live in the Seattle Area. And you are correct that the Seattle City Clowncil is way ahead. But it’s a competition of sorts, and one city looks at the other and says, “I can top that”. Just like Yale and Harvard and sometimes Brown compete for the Ivy Loony Tunes Cup. If only it were like a sporting event, where there was an end to it and someone declared a winner.

Steve Gregg

You should stop fighting the enemy after they surrender. You should absolutely not war on their graves. That’s apt to start a new war you won’t like.


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