12 Oct 2018

A Politically-Incorrect Song

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HT: News Junkie.

Note: We Lithuanians have no stereotypes.

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Everyone is racist, sexist, homophobic to some extent. It seems to be quite normal. It is naive to deny this or act above it all:

Please be my guest and go to East St. Louis tonight and walk the streets from dusk to about 3:00 AM. Let me know if the stereotype is false.

On CNN and ESPN the racism is so thick you could cut it with a switchblade knife. But that is the politically correct racism.

Seattle Sam

I’m having trouble coming up with a stereotype that isn’t true. True in the mathematical sense. Imagine someone asked you to wager $1000 on whether a random selection of 1000 Irishmen would yield more drinkers than a random selection of 1000 non–Irishmen. Which side of the wager would you take? Repeat that for every stereotype and you can make a lot of money playing this game a lot against a PC liberal who denies stereotypes.


There aren’t enough Lithuanians to generate a stereotype but I guarantee there’s a basis. I went to school with one who was a piece of work.


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