18 Dec 2018

Bert and I: On Socialism

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1st sketch: 0:00 to 0:58:

Eban Robay went down to the Tremont Temple in Boston one Saturday night to hear Norman Thomas speak. Next Monday he was preaching Socialism to Enoch Turner over the back fence:

“You know, Enoch,” he was sayin’, “under Socialism a person shares everything.”

“You mean to say, Eban, that if you had two farms you’d give me one of them?”

“Ayup, Enoch, if I had two farms, I’d give you one of them.”

“You mean to say, Eban, if you had two hay rakes you’d give me one of them?”

“Ayup, Enoch, if I had two hay rakes I’d give you one of them.”

“Or if you had two hogs, Eban, would you give me one of them?”



Bob Bryan passed away recently at 87, and was commemorated with a posting from Bird Dog.

2 Feedbacks on "Bert and I: On Socialism"

Stephen Verchinski

If you are vegan, you might just allow Enoch to have that pig. Course he would also have to be responsible for coming up with 1/2 the slop and 1/2 the pig’s shit too! Common down east sense isn’t all that common.

I am Stephen, from Albuquerque, City at the Edge of the World a place with many faults and an uncommon crack and a place with bad enough health care to drive a high school chemistry teacher bad. That said its also a great place to do the Bert and I went to county fair and saw the ballonist bit. We host the biggest International baloon fiesta every fall. At least we will while the gas is still available from New Mexico, the Nationsl Sacrifice Zone.

Fred Seaborne

Yep — it’s all too easy to proudly say that you WOULD share with others IF YOU HAD something; it’s when you actually DO HAVE SAID ITEM that things get tricky, and your true stingy nature shows! :P


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