13 Jan 2019

White Guilt: Taxation by Minorities

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Zman is often just a rhetorically clever dispenser of self-flattering Alt Right delusions, but when he is right, he can nail it.

As a practical matter, so-called “third wave anti-racism” is really just a demand by non-whites that whites mitigate the realities of biology. They can’t say that so they have to use weird language and comical neologisms. The demand is that whites exhaust themselves maintaining a white bourgeois society, so that non-whites can enjoy first world comfort, without actually having to maintain it themselves. The new white man’s burden is whites living as despised helots in the societies they created.

For example, whites are supposed to solve the black crime problem, but not notice that black men commit a lot of crime. No one is supposed to mention that blacks don’t cooperate with police. The justification for the former is the history of racism, while the latter is excused as blacks not wanting to attract attention to the black community. Whites are supposed to work around the realities of the black community, while mitigating the realities of the black community. This is impossible and unreasonable.

Another example is how non-whites expect to be allowed into elite schools. In the name of diversity, the elite colleges decorate each class with vibrancy. The professors are expected to make sure these students graduate and never mention that they make up the bottom third of the class. Once out in the world, the process starts over as law firms hoover up non-whites to meet their diversity quota. Of course, no one is supposed to notice that these lawyers are not very good at being lawyers.

Then you have the central tenet of third wave anti-racism, which is that whites, just by being white, are a burden on non-whites. Because whites want the best for their kids and want to live in safe neighborhoods, it means they live in places without convenient bus service. This is a burden on non-whites, as they don’t have easy access to whites and the societies they create. This is so-called white privilege. The only way to eliminate this is to eliminate white behavior, which would end the modern society.

Instead, the new anti-racism regime is one where every white person is born guilty, tainted by the original sin of white racism. Therefore, just as man was condemned to toil outside of the Garden of Eden for eternity, whites are now condemned to pay the jizya in order to keep non-whites in comfortable modern lifestyles. That means open borders for formerly white countries and a metastasizing set of rules to govern the thoughts and speech of whites. The American jizya is about keeping non-whites happy.


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A quota lawyer bothers me a lot less than a quota doctor, nurse or teacher does. It would be interesting to see how much damage our commitment to diversity causes; deaths, injuries, and lack of education.

I also notice that most of the “clients” on the HGTV shows are gay/lesbian. WTH is that all about? Also now half of everyone in commercials are minorities. On the one hand I like that, I think it is good that younger children can see that kind of diversity. But as a practical matter and in keeping with social justice; shouldn’t it be 13% black, 15% Hispanic, 10% Asian and the rest white. Aren’t they being guilty of exactly what they are trying to correct by heavily loading the public airwaves with minorities instead of a more real life percentage??


Oneguy: Speaking of commercials, notice how many of those running a household and caring for children (usually free spirited, headstrong daughters) are now men? One commercial includes a gay couple discussing childcare with their baby sitter. As for diversity mix, I’m persuaded that the SJWs would just as soon not have ANY straight whites on television or in movies.


And speaking of commercials, did you realize that at least 50% of all relationships and marriages are now interracial?


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