01 May 2019

The Left Believes It Has a Monopoly on Righteousness

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Karin McQuillan explains that that is why they have no limits whatsoever on their behavior or appetite for power.

Before Trump was a gleam in their eye, Democrats saw themselves as the only morally valid people in the country. They don’t want individual rights anymore, only group rights. They want Republicans and dissenting liberals to be silenced. Silencing is too good for us—they want us publicly shamed, if need be physically attacked, and any contrary ideas hounded out of the public and the private square.

Democrats hate our electoral system as unjust because it doesn’t deliver to them guaranteed victory. All their efforts towards 2020 will be focused on changing our election laws and norms. They don’t want the electoral college, which guards against domination of the country by politically narrow urban population centers.

They don’t want any safeguards against voter fraud. In fact, they want to legalize a broad highway to fraud, voter “harvesting.” Paid political operatives go door to door, picking up unused mail-in ballots (sent out without request if Democrats have their way), fill them in for the Democrat candidate, and voilà, the Democrats win. They just rolled out the beta test in Orange County, and it flipped long-time red districts blue.

To win in 2020, Democrats will commit every voter scam and fraud ever invented and they are in the process of inventing a whole lot of new ones. Intimidation and moral grandstanding are keys to success for them, hence, attacking Republicans who dare to wear a Trump hat, put up a yard sign, or put a bumper sticker on their car. They will stop the census from asking about citizenship, because illegal voters on the population rolls gives California alone six seats in Congress they would not otherwise have, robbing those seats from more rural, more Republican states.

Social justice, like all Marxist ideologies, believes the ends justify the means. Democrats have no shame that they lied for two years, pretending that a farrago of clumsy lies whipped up by Russian agents for Hillary Clinton was a valid reason to investigate a sitting president. They need hatred of Trump to unify their disparate voting blocks and whip up the frenzy necessary to cover over their unpopular, radical policies.

Naked political power is the driving force behind our culture wars, and behind the weird war on President Trump. It has little to do with his specific policies, let alone his tweets and his pugnacious personality, except that Trump’s counterpunching and toughness have allowed him to survive. John McCain and Mitt Romney didn’t drive them crazy because they caved without a fight. Trump drives Democrats crazy because he won, and because he won’t give in or give up.


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If this this really was Nazi USA, the girl holding the sign would be in a dungeon, lying naked on the floor, bruised from head to toe, waiting for the next round of ‘questioning.’

In addition to that, all the antifa goons running around with masks would be in the next cell courtesy of jackbooted thugs hired by Trump.

george mcconnell

you have got to be the dumbest woman that ever walked on Gods earth. I suggest you read Barbara Tuchman on wooden headedness which is a source of self deception, she writes: “it consists in assessing a situation in terms of preconceived notions while ignoring contrary signs.it is acting according to wish while not being deflected by the facts”
Donald Trump lives in his own fantasy world now shared by fools like you. we love social security more than we like sex. raise the payroll tax. we want to walk into a hospital and say fix me and walk out. you get to own one company and nothing else. everyone from the kid at mcdonalds to jamie dimon is treated the same. may God have mercy on yr sould because i certainly cant


I grew up in North Joisey. They all talk like that. And they got things done.

His urban “education” gives him an edge since he knows how the Corruptocrats operate.

Illinois is all a-flutter……

JK Brown

“They don’t want individual rights anymore, only group rights. ”

Reject modernity. Revive the ancien regime with new dynasties.

“Silencing is too good for us—they want us publicly shamed, if need be physically attacked, and any contrary ideas hounded out of the public and the private square.”
This is the necessary unavoidable consequence of the fact that, according to Marxist doctrine, you do not consider the possibility of dissent among honest people; either you think as I do, or you are a traitor and must be liquidated.

von Mises, Ludwig (1952). Marxism Unmasked


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