28 Jul 2019

Boris is PM; England is Herself Again

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Schill McGuffin

As an “Oxford comma guy” I have to differ with him on that issue, and the post-period double-space has always irked me. I guess I could accept the rest, though I thought the Brits had officially gone metric long ago.


Readers have to note that EU priggishness on metric/SI units were a big part of the BREXIT buildup. Butcher’s were fined for selling meat by the pound even if they gave equivalent grams alongside. Pubs were also punished for pints of beer. Imperial units are actually better for most day to day activities. They are sized right and have centuries of tradition behind them. All metric has is French revolutionaries who wanted 10 hour days, 10 hour weeks and 10 month years! Why quibble with miles and pounds when we still measure time in Babylonian base 60 units?

God Save the Queen!

Fusil Darne

There are two kinds of nations. Those that have been to the moon and back, safely, and those that use the metric system.


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