28 Jul 2019

Their Favorite Weapon Isn’t Working Anymore

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2 Feedbacks on "Their Favorite Weapon Isn’t Working Anymore"


It’s gonna get worse. We are less than a year away from the primaries and 15 months from the general election. They will have plenty of time to ramp up the accusations and name calling. I would expect at least half a dozen women coming forward to claim Trump raped them and perhaps a few more Russians to claim Trump colluded with them and a couple dozen POC to claim Trump told them to go back where they came from. It will get worse.


Of course the words will become common for the Progs since they don’t mean anything. Only a thousand or so women contacted the FBI to report that Kavanaugh raped them. Speech, disagreeable to a Prog is violence. The Prog that you disagreed with has more nose hair than you, therefore “racism”.

Get used to it. These words no longer have a meaning other than “pissed off a Prog”.

But “Prog”, “snowflake”, and “SJW” are “fighting words”. Go for it!


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