18 Sep 2019

Why the Latest Kavanaugh Smear?

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John Kass explains, in the Chicago Tribune, now that Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s pancreatic cancer is back in the news, the Left is panicking that its loss of control of the Supreme Court will be lengthened and reinforced, and some of its stolen culture war victories may be reversed.

The strategy of the left is undeniable and clear. It is about the use of force, about relentless pressure and shame, using media as both handmaiden and the lash. It is about those who virtue signal most often about due process, demanding it, yet denying those same due process considerations to those with whom they disagree.

The left’s end game is the delegitimization of the Supreme Court, if justices don’t give them the political outcomes they can’t achieve through legislation.

One way to accomplish this is to sear into the American mind the idea that Kavanaugh is personally illegitimate, and therefore, his reasoning and decisions are illegitimate. Though the allegations against him remain uncorroborated, and most are incredible and fall apart in embarrassing fashion, like the one most recently in the Times, the assault continues.

And not only against Kavanaugh, but also against other justices and future nominees. They are warned that destruction and humiliation await.

So, the left would hang upon his neck an asterisk like some medal of shame, a reminder to future history that everything he accomplishes is illegitimate.


3 Feedbacks on "Why the Latest Kavanaugh Smear?"

Seattle Sam

The Democrats situation strikes me a bit like the Republicans in 1998. Republicans had forced Clinton to reduce taxes and sign welfare reform and, therefore, the economy was doing well. They’d even got him to say (disingenuously, of course) that the era of Big Government was over. There weren’t a lot of really significant issues on which to rally concerted opposition. Hence, impeachment was relatively attractive.
Democrats can’t really get the country behind any of their current “issues” (the majority opposes open borders, healthcare for illegals, late term abortion and raising taxes, reparations). Hence, they resort to calls for impeachment — and they probably can’t even get a majority of their own House members to vote for it.
Their fantasy dream is that Trump will seem so toxic to people that they’d prefer to swallow a dose of socialism.

Spurt Reynolds

Trump should have a chance to get at least 2 more Supreme Court Justices onto the court. We could very well be looking at a 7-2 split by the end of his second term and a conservative court for mire than a generation.


Paul Kerpash

Spurt Reynolds. The only caveat to that is that none of the conservatives flip like we tend to see them do as they advance in age.


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