12 Dec 2019

World Record 2240 Yard (2048 m.) Open Sight Shot

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Incendiary USA has the story.

Utah man sets iron sight shooting record with 2240 yard shot.

Ernie Jimenez used an unmodified K31 Swiss 7.5x55mm Swiss rifle to set the official Guiness World Record for longest open sight shot.

He was aiming at a 36″ pink buffalo target 2240 yards away. For this incredible shot, Ernie used 190 grain Sierra Match King rounds firing at 2470 fps. It takes dozens of shots, but Ernie managed to strike the target four times.

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I note the sights seem to be in the square post and notch configuration rather than the usual european pyramid and vee, perhaps because the rifle is a late model.

I’ve never found the latter at all useful, and hard on the eyes.


See, who needs optics?


“See, who needs optics?”

There was a man, Arthur Hart, who once had a custom or semi custom gun business in Cleveland. I caught up with him in the glide path of his life in the early 70’s when he had a gun store in Chesterland, Ohio.

He had fotos on the store walls of rifle teams (1000 yd) he was in as a younger man, taken at Camp Perry. Many in the fotos had small swing-down lenses attatched to the stems of their glasses to
improve their shooting- you couldn’t/can’t put a scope on a service rifle, but you could add lenses to your glasses.

I saw such items still in use per an article in the discontinued, sadly, magazine “Accurate Rifle” dealing with service rifle competition, in that case a bolt action with open sights as in the post offered here.


The supplementary lenses allow a clear image of the front sight for old eyes. A “pink” buffalo out in the open doesn’t need any extra glass.

Silence DoGood

You know this happened more than four years ago, right?

And four shots to score one hit on a stationary target at 2240 doesn’t impress near as much as Billy Dixon shooting a Comanche warrior off his horse with a single shot from his .50 Sharps at 1538 yards at Apache Wells in 1874.



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