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12 Dec 2019

World Record 2240 Yard (2048 m.) Open Sight Shot

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Incendiary USA has the story.

Utah man sets iron sight shooting record with 2240 yard shot.

Ernie Jimenez used an unmodified K31 Swiss 7.5x55mm Swiss rifle to set the official Guiness World Record for longest open sight shot.

He was aiming at a 36″ pink buffalo target 2240 yards away. For this incredible shot, Ernie used 190 grain Sierra Match King rounds firing at 2470 fps. It takes dozens of shots, but Ernie managed to strike the target four times.

23 May 2018

Female Shooters

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Revolvers! They all look like .38s, and I bet these ladies are shooting Colt Police Positives and Official Police Double Actions, with tuned actions, stocks by Roper or Sanderson, and Dean King’s reflector sights.

16 Jun 2012

Chicks With Guns

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The photo of these 19th century shooters is from Lindsay McCrum’s Chicks with Guns.

Evidently the ladies, too, competed in Schuetzen precision shooting matches with specially-made target rifles in which the shooter fired from a standing position, typically outdoors at 200 yard targets. The photo is small, but those rifles look like Ballards to me. They would have been chambered in .32-40, the preferred American target competition cartridge.

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