02 Jan 2020

Jaded Tourists

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Mail Online:

Big Ben’s ‘not very big’, the Grand Canyon is ‘meh’ and Colosseum visitors should ‘watch Gladiator instead’: Tripadvisor’s daftest complaints are revealed after tourists slammed ‘glorified violence’ of Tower of London

The Grand Canyon, Stonehenge and the Colosseum are all historic landmarks that millions wish to tick off their bucket lists – unless, that is, they are some of the unimpressed visitors who have left scathing one-star reviews on TripAdvisor.

While some may consider Britain’s Stonehenge an incredible feat, others merely see it as ‘just a pile of rocks’.

Disgruntled sightseers have taken to the travel website to leave a series of one and two-star reviews, branding Kew Gardens ‘just a bunch of expensive trees’, Hadrian’s Wall as a ‘heap of stones’, and the Old Bailey ‘just a big building that sends people off to the nick’.

They have also rubbished the Eiffel Tower in Paris, which was branded ‘a stupid tower that doesn’t do anything’ and slammed the Grand Canyon for not having any Wi-Fi.

Some tourists were left underwhelmed by the world-famous Colosseum in Rome, claiming they would ‘rather watch Gladiator instead’.

After ‘snowflake’ visitors to the Tower of London described its Yeomen Warders, or Beefeaters, as sexist and claimed the tour was ‘too gruesome’, MailOnline looks at some of the most hilariously negative reviews of the great wonders of the world.


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Grand Canyon “barely” has cell phone service. Our AT&T phone would not get a signal. My wife changed her provider and now we get a signal there. We spend a week twice a year in Grand Canyon. So many visitors there only look over the edge and then go to the lodge and go home. There is so much more to see. I see Elk every day we are there. I have seen 7 point bulls in scary rut in the fall. We always hike down one or more of the trails that you can take to the bottom, not all the way, I’m too old to hike all the way back up. We hike the rim, some parts of the rim trail are no more than a foot from a 1000′ drop-off. Not for everyone. But there is a paved trail that is more level and not quite so close. There is a trail through the forest from the rim to the town of Tusayan and if you hike it early in the morning or late afternoon you will see elk. I have found the evidence of a cougar attack and followed the drag marks into the bush where a small deer carcass was hidden mostly eaten. I shared the trail with a desert bighorn who was not happy to be sharing the trail. We have been spending 2 weeks a year there since 2005 and we still find something new each visit. There is so much to see but you have to get away from the crowds.


Further proof you do not have to have brains to make a lot of money to travel.


I, for one, was tremendously disappointed with France whose cheese stunk, roads were crooked, expected us to eat snails, and everyone spoke some incomprehensible jargon, not English at all.

Larry Bankhead

It’s sad people are so calloused that they brag about it. On the other hand my visit to the Parthenon while incredible, the ‘Mount’ was little more than a huge pile of boulders. It seemed a start contrast to photos I had seen.


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