11 Mar 2020

Here’s the Plan

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The Democrats will steal the election. They would have made more effort in 2016 to steal the election for Hillary but everyone thought Trump would lose every state. They won’t make that mistake again. After the election Biden will be the president elect and whomever his running mate is (my guess is Stacy Abrams) will become the president after Joe holds a tearful press conference to tell us he is seriously ill and must step down. And Ms Abrams through ignorance and because of her left wing puppet masters will turn the country into a bonafide disaster area that we may bot survive. You can take that to the bank.

asexual ice

the amount of simpleminded drool from the above comment is self evident. we want the world to be 1957 forever and ever and ever. that means high tazes,no monopolies,social security,medicare et al until judgement day. what part of this dont conservatives understand?


Simple minded drool? You can’t even spell properly! This is exactly what the Democrats are going to do, and conservatives are wise to it! Dont [sic] think we are stupid; it doesn’t become you. We are just praying it isn’t HRC, because then poor, senile Joe might die in office!


don’t taze me, whiner!


The virus has gone to your head, Dude.


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