17 Apr 2020

Goodbye to That Brand


Old package with Indian Maiden “Mia”.


New woke package.

The Minnesota Farmer has bad news about a classic brand.

For nearly a century, the Land O’Lakes Indian maiden has kneeled by the side of a blue lake holding out an offering of a 4-stick box of butter.

No more. The Minnesota-based farmer cooperative has redesigned its packaging to focus on celebrating farmers ahead of its 100th anniversary next year.

“We need packaging that reflects the foundation and heart of our company culture — and nothing does that better than our farmer-owners whose milk is used to produce Land O’Lakes’ dairy products,” President and CEO Beth Ford said in a statement in February.

The new packaging looks much like the old packaging — blue lake, green pine trees, yellow horizon — just minus Mia, the name of the Indian maiden.

The release made no mention of why the company decided to remove the character from their packaging. The entire Land O’Lakes website seems to have been scrubbed of any mention of the iconic mascot.

A spokeswoman for Land O’Lakes did not respond to a request for comment submitted Monday.

For Native Americans who have long criticized the use of Indian mascots, the change is a welcome one.

“It’s a great move,” said Adrienne Keene, a professor at Brown University, author of the popular Native Appropriations blog and citizen of the Cherokee Nation. “It makes me really happy to think that there’s now going to be an entire generation of folks that are growing up without having to see that every time they walk in the grocery store.”

Well, Beth Ford, you can go sell your butter in future to crackpots and leftist grievance mongers like Adrienne Keene. You won’t be selling any more to me.

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Fusil Darne

We used to cut Mia out of the package, cut the image of the little box of butter she was holding along both side and the bottom, leaving the top as a hinge, and fold the lower part so her knees would show when you lifted the image of the little box of butter, making it look like you just flashed Mia’s tits.
To be 13 again.

Seattle Sam

Used to do a lot of business with LOL. I can’t believe their diary co-op farmers think this is a good move. Beth Ford is not one of them. She is a Columbia University grad and, no doubt, a Lib snowflake.



Probably the brand will survive, but any business willing to extinguish such a piece of Americana and brand identity deserves a consignment to wither into obscurity. Bon Voyage.

The Usual Suspect

I have two coffee cups with the Mia LOL image on them two collector mugs now. Sad, pathetic is a more appropriate word.


two L o’ L mugs on ebay bidding currently $169.50


Grocery day is Wednesday, on the way back from PT. Won’t be and LOL in my basket anymore. PC sellouts.

A. Squaretail

Don’t believe in, and am not calling for, boycotts. On the other hand, PC must be punished. No more Land of Lakes products for me.

Gerard vanderleun

The reason behind this brand-killing move?

“Ford and her spouse, Jill Schurtz, have three teenage children and live in Minneapolis.”


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