23 May 2020


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More importantly it is exactly because a good idea and hard work can make you rich that we have so much bounty. The Socialist professor from Boston would have us all live the Soviet or Venezuelan lifestyle where we wait in line for hours to enter the government food store only to find out that they are out of everything but cabbages.

I assume the Socialist professor from Boston has a $12 an hour housekeeper/cook who does her shopping and house work and the socialist professor from Boston has never been inside a Walmart. She should go, she will find lots of food, almost anything you could want and prices lower than any other store. I admit that some things, fresh fruit and vegetables for example, will be a better quality in other stores. But the point is Walmart is the store for the middle and lower class and it serves them damned well. I wish our government was as efficient and as cost effective as Walmart.

Seattle Sam

Over the last few months Democrats (Governors specifically) have engineered a huge transfer of wealth from small businesses to Walmart, Target and Amazon. And now they’re demagoguing the profits?


When I was posted to Germany over 50 years ago, the joke was that every base PX should also include a brothel. That way, any ‘goods’ available would be either the wrong size, the wrong color, or the wrong style.


Elizabeth Warren’s declaration that a “two cent” tax on the rich won’t hurt them illustrates the thieving heart of the Left: All your money is really ours. If you have a lot of money, some of it should be ours.


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