12 Jun 2020

Tempietto del Clitunno

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Tempietto del Clitunno (Clitunno Temple), Umbria, Italy

The temple is actually a small Christian chapel, built in the 7th century, probably by using the remains of some pre-existing Roman building.

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One Feedback on "Tempietto del Clitunno"


Nice Structure built from the ruins. This just encourages them. And they will expect that you will pay for the water, electricity, and keep the Fire and EMS available to the ruins because they are so deserving.

I rather enjoyed the video clip on the net (no link) of an outraged Wokist wailing that EMS was not “cleared” to attend to one of the shooting victims in his noble empire. He evicted the “normies”, invited the demented and then expects things to operate as smoothly as usual, even after earlier entry attempts of Fire & EMS were repulsed by hostile and violent mobs of the Wokists and of the Demented. Poor baby. Eh. The EMS were probably the product of the systemic racist system, and might bring moral contamination into the fantasy world. I seem to recall that the Bolsheviks had similar concerns. Better death than contamination (to the Proles only, not the Elite, who are so much more valuable.)

But the ruins will be so pretty……


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