24 Jun 2020

Amazing Also, But Not in a Good Way

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Thanks for the caption. I might have guessed Detroit, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, Newark, Ft. Lee, Cleveland, or any one of several other garden spots.


I see the traffic lights are still working. Well……functional. Not working.


Minneapolis would look a lot better had the police been allowed to respond as if it was Baghdad or Fallujah.


They single out “White Flight”, but anyone with intelligence, energy and a hope for a future will leave that desolation. The cities like Detroit, Chicago, Saint Louis, Baltimore, Newark, etc are the collecting basins for failure and the new Democratic plantations.

Strange Daze

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Gordon Scott

I drove through the riot zone last night, June 29. All the fires are long extinguished, and many businesses are back operating. The big chain stores are rebuilding. Why? Because they have a giant electronic vacuum over the registers that sucks money off EBT cards.

Even two of the three Walgreens that were destroyed have a pop-up pharmacy going in the parking lot, next to the twisted steel that was the store.

Some merchants are not so sure. They have seen now that Minneapolis police will not cross the street to stop looters or arsonists. They were already suspicious of a city government that vowed to not prosecute retail theft.


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