14 Jul 2020

Watching a BLM Riot Develop

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Andrea Widburg passes along an interesting Instagram video by a black conservative from Texas.

[The] truth.. about the Black Lives Matter movement is perfectly highlighted in a video that Damani Felder, a black conservative in Texas, posted to Instagram on Monday. Felder was dining with friends at an outdoor venue next to an open plaza in Dallas, Texas. As he repeatedly pans the dining area with his camera, you can see that the diners are a mix of races and ages.

The film begins immediately after a group of about 20 or 25 Black Lives Matter protesters arrayed themselves in an ankle-deep fountain running the length of the dining area. The protesters are, by a pretty clear margin, young, white, and female. In other words, they perfectly match the demographics in American colleges, which are also mostly young, white, and female.

These are the good little girls who have always worked hard in school, diligently imbibing everything their hard-left Democrat teachers and professors have taught them. These “educators” have played on their sense of self-worth, guilt, and credulity to turn themselves into the foot soldiers of anarchy.

Felder knows what’s going on with these young people:

    The majority-white people in the crowd that want to feel good about themselves. Look at this. They want to feel good about themselves, so they’re here ruining an otherwise peaceful evening with their B.S.


    Look at this. Majority-white people, out here acting the fool because they want to feel like they are important.

    Look at this. Look at the racial make-up of this. Think about what the purpose of this would be. Remember that Opal Tometi and Patrisse Cullors are the founders of this organization, and they are admitting on camera that they are trained Marxists. All they care about is anarchy and social unrest.

    Look at this. Look at this. Again, majority-white crowd because they want to feel that they belong to something.

What’s unique about the video, in addition to Felder’s astute insights, is that we can watch how the protesters transform in real-time from being loud and vulgar to being so violent that the police bring tear gas and pepper spray to stop them (but not before the protesters throw things, breaking windows and possibly doing other damage). The bewildered diners, who had been hoping these human mosquitoes would spontaneously depart, end up scattering, their lovely evening completely spoiled.

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Gerard vanderleun

Enough. Just fucking shoot them.

12 Minutes in a Dallas Evening: Soon the only reasonable announcement to be made to these mobs will be, “Ready… Aim…”

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Robert Edward Johnson

How much did Trump pay these Antifa guys to do this? Clearly this ends any attemp to turn Texas blue. Probably MN, WA and even NH (probably NV, CO, NM, and even IL if Lightfoot keeps ip the “good work”) will turn red. I mean, ONLY an IDIOT would think this video helps the Democrats, so Trump MUST have paid the demonstrators, RIGHT? I can already see Rog Stone helping to cut an ad with this material. Or is Antifa that STUPID?!


But as with Antifa (1) in 1930s Germany, they show the “lumpenproletariat” where the pickings are easy. Those will be back.

The “Leftiest” have a plan for their party. Unless the “lumpies” learn that it is not going to be “fun”, they will be back to do what they did to Minneapolis, Madison, etc. Next time it will all burn. There is no hope of building a business in “Lumpiville”.


BLM may have been pure of purpose initially. however, successful movements outside the status quo are quickly appropriated. MADD is a good idea of a sensible movement that has been thoroughly saturated by leftwing radicals, making it unrecognizable from its original, good, intent.


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