13 Aug 2020

Everyone Knows That All Leftism is Grounded in Sexual Inadequacy

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Ann Coulter hits the nail on the head:

why are antifa boys scrawny beta males?

White men who go around denouncing other white men as “fascists” are wimpy losers who think they’ll attract women with suck-up speeches about racism. But even stupid left-wing girls prefer alpha males. Sissy boys should drop the left-wing politics and try lifting weights and making money. Freud was a fool and reductionist, but sexual strategizing by losers is the source of nearly all left-wing ideology.”

8 Feedbacks on "Everyone Knows That All Leftism is Grounded in Sexual Inadequacy"

Spurt Reynolds

The world needs more women like Ann Coulter!’
He’ll, I need to meet more women like Ann Coulter!!!


name that rifle!!

tim ferrell

It’s an air rifle. Anshutz, maybe…

Ben Bryant

Right on Ann, couldn’t have said it better.


Dammit Jim, I’m a programmer not a psychologist, but it does seem that a lot of this leftist lunacy stems from Daddy Issues, both for the girls and the boys.

As for the rifle, I’m going with Crossman pellet gun.


Cant name that Air Rifle, Beeman I think..

Can name that beer though.
COORS. Mmm, girl has good taste!


I agree a little but after talking and listening to dozens of protesters at anti-war demonstrations during the last Bush administration, most of the protesters were losers with Daddy issues. For them, the Government takes the place of the father who abandoned or abused them and they hate him with a neurotic fury.

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