09 Sep 2020

Going Galt on Facebook

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Last month, on Facebook, in the course of a heated political discussion, I responded to an interlocutor’s uncomplimentary remarks by referring to him as “a white trash communist.” Facebook immediately took his side and froze my account for 30 days.

There was nothing new here. Pretty much any insult to liberals or liberal shibboleths will incur the wrath of Facebook’s zampolit censors. They start with 24 hours, then give you a week, and after a few offenses it’s 30 Days in the Hole for you.



Like many other outspoken conservatives, I responded simply by rolling up a second pseudononymous account. It only required a second email address and phone number.

My 30-Day suspension runs on until mid-month, and lo and behold! on Monday, I shared the above anti-BLM meme, and my second account was immediately punished with 7 Days for violating Community Standards with “hate speech.”

I’m out of extra phone numbers, and Facebook has evidently gotten wise to dissidents like myself creating alternative accounts. My attempts at creating Account 3 all failed.



All this has had the positive effect of bringing me to my senses. I’ve been wasting a few hours every day creating content for Mark Zuckerberg for free, responding like a laboratory rat to the positive reinforcement of “likes” and comments from friends, and indulging my argumentative disposition by correcting the fallacies of liberals. Not only is Facebook an incredible time sink, supporting it really amounts to accepting tacitly the petty dictatorship of Zuckerberg and his apparatchik nincompoops.

This is it for me. I will, henceforward, skim Facebook for new blog fodder, cynically use it to promote Never Yet Melted by linking posts, and that’s it. I’m otherwise posting, commenting, or sharing nothing. Mark Zuckerberg go screw yourself!


6 Feedbacks on "Going Galt on Facebook"


There is no real conservative alive who has not been in Facebook jail by liberal censors. I particularly object to the veils these Facebook scumbags place over posts they claim are not true. Imagine if the phone company listened in to your conversations and interrupted to tell you you’re lying.


Good for you! I’ve never been on Facebook because I’ve always known it’s a huge scam, but just because I have no interest in Facebook doesn’t mean they don’t have an interest in me. It’s sickening and frightening and depressing all at once to realize Facebook, along with Google and Twitter, are blatantly interfering in this election and nothing will be done to stop them.

steve walsh

I quit FB about four years ago, haven’t missed it and my state of mind is greatly improved. Not being in the blogging thing there is no negative impact to me not being on FB. I understand that you can promote your site and mine content there, so it makes sense not to quit. But congrats on reducing your interactions – I think you’ll enjoy the peace and quiet.

suzan jack

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