03 Oct 2020


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Unveiled in 1934, the BMW R7 was a motorcycle ahead of its time both conceptually and practically. Despite the futuristic appeal of its sleek design, the R7’s high manufacturing costs kept it from ever seeing mass production. It wasn’t until 2005, when the original prototype was uncovered and showcased at Pebble Beach that the world truly came to appreciate this innovative design. Valued at over $1 million, this original R7 is the stuff of collectors’ and motorcycle enthusiasts’ dreams.

Among those to appreciate the BMW R7 was team at NMOTO. Taking inspiration from the past, NMOTO then launched the Nostalgia Project, an ambitious and successful attempt to join old designs with current technology. By utilizing modern materials and traditional manufacturing methods, NMOTO was able to create a lighter and more powerful final product.

The full name of this replica vintage bike is BMW R7 85th Anniversary Commemoration Limited Edition. It’s built by custom bike designer Alex Niznik of NMoto – a custom workshop based in Florida, USA. The base model is a 1934 BMW R7 and this exclusive model is a limited edition of just ten units. The price tag sits at $250,000 as of Apr 13, 2020.

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WOW! I have owned several motorcycles, including a 1991 Harley Springer Softail on which I crossed this beautiful continent no fewer than ten times. But the only bike I get nostalgia for is a 1967 BMW R69s. It was elegant, simple, and even though it was the sport model, it was slow as molasses. Those old Beemers go for some serious money these days. But if I had the money, and didn’t live in the traffic nightmare of So Cal, I jump at the chance to own one again. If I were seriously rich I’d have the one pictured here in a heartbeat.



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