29 Oct 2020

Scotland’s Hate Crime Bill Would Prosecute Dinner-Table Speech

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Humza McYousaf, Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Justice since 2018.

Tyler Durden reports that the recent Scottish efforts at self government seem to indicate that complete Independence would be a really bad idea.

Scotland’s new odious hate crime bill would go so far as to criminalize dinner table conversations if their ‘offensive’ content is reported to police.

“Conversations over the dinner table that incite hatred must be prosecuted under Scotland’s hate crime law,” reports the Times.

Such conversations were previously protected under the Public Order Act 1986, which includes a “dwelling defense” that shields conversations that take place in private homes from being prosecuted, however that would be removed under the new law.

The new bill would add an additional crime of “stirring up hate” against a protected group by “behaving in a threatening or abusive manner, or communicating threatening or abusive material to another person,” as well as the crime of possessing “inflammatory material.”

Critics have argued that the vague term “stirring up hate” could be broadly interpreted and could lead to people like JK Rowling facing criminal charges and up to seven years in prison for expressing views about transgender issues.

It also has dire implications for comedy and freedom of speech, given that anyone could choose to take offense to anything and complain that they have experienced “hate.”

Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf said journalists, writers and theater directors could also be dragged into the courts if their work is deemed to have stirred up “prejudice.”


6 Feedbacks on "Scotland’s Hate Crime Bill Would Prosecute Dinner-Table Speech"

Brother John

This is just like 9/11, in that this is resulting from a failure of bad immigration policy.


How will the democracies in this world lose their freedom?

1. Immigration.
2. Protected classes of people.
3. Criminalize freedoms if the protected classes object.
4. Repeat until your goose is cooked.

Big Mac

The world is entering a new dark ages.


We are watching democracies commit suicide.

Seattle Sam

We’re watching an updated version of the collapse of the Roman Empire.


The phrase, “No true Scotsman” comes to mind.


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