10 Nov 2020

His Senility Accidentally Tells the Truth

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Earlier, I would have written this off as the usual conflict between Sleepy Joe’s mouth and brain. After what has transpired, I suspect Joe’s brain was repeating, parrot-like, words he heard in a pre-election meeting.

Same with all the hysteria about Trump refusing to concede and Trump trying to steal the election. I wrote it off as the usual Democratic hair-on-fire craziness. Now it looks more like battle-space preparation.

Seattle Sam

The evidence is piling up that Democrats had their fraud strategy in hand well in advance — at least in PA and MI. In most of the country the Biden over Trump advantage for mail-in ballots was single-digit. In PA it was 62%. In MI 37%. The statistical likelihood of this occurring randomly is infinitesimal. Even if (maybe especially if) this fraud isn’t large enough to flip the vote count, this MUST be exposed and states MUST take actions to prevent it from happening again (ROFL).


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