25 Nov 2020

AOC for Speaker!


C.J. Grover, in the Spectator, argues that links to Socialism, outside a few twisted urban enclaves are the kiss of death for democrats, and Biden’s support for the radical democrat party base’s noxious ideas was responsible for a bloodbath producing an “astonishing 17-seat gain for the GOP and the Democrats holding the smallest House majority in two decades.”

Why not use the GOP near-House-Majority to give the dems a bit more rope to hang themselves?

For Democrats to be truly honest, America deserves Speaker AOC. House Republicans should hand her the gavel.

The House Speaker is elected at the start of every new Congress by a simple majority of the Representatives-elect, meaning 218 votes in the 435-member body. As noted, the GOP stands to have 214 seats come January. Ocasio-Cortez’s Squad will have five with the addition of Cori Bush of Missouri’s 1st District. Ten if you count all successful candidates backed by Justice Democrats. The votes are there to be had.

Ocasio-Cortez is in open war with her party and hasn’t committed to supporting Pelosi for the job, while Justice Democrats have taken direct aim at Pelosi’s failed leadership. Few politicians since Washington have voluntarily refused power and rebuffing Republican overtures would mean passing on the chance to go from bartender to House Speaker in a mere four years. As Speaker, she would achieve in that short timespan what Bernie Sanders has sought for four decades in public office — actual congressional votes on socialist ideas.


He has a point. It just might work at sinking the democrats nationally, and it would certainly serve Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden right.

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This sounds like a great idea, shoving this socialist nitwit right down their throats and letting them choke on it, but, sadly, it would never work. Far too many Republicans would refuse to go along with the idea, claiming it would be dishonorable or unfair or some form of cheating to do so. They are far more comfortable being the loyal opposition, they have no interest in actually winning and being forced to put their money where their mouths are, to come up with legislation of their own to roll back the Administrative State rather than simply ineffectually complaining about it. These Republicans will not fight. They will not even back a plan to work with the more moderate Democrats to seat a more moderate Speaker, someone saner and more reasonable than Nancy Pelosi. Mark my words, these Republicans are all in favor of losing graciously because a gracious loser gets all the perks of holding office without the burden of doing anything that marks them as worthy of holding the office.

Jeff S

Do we really want to put AOC second in line for the presidency?


Sounds as good as the demented Hindenburg putting Adolf in as Chancellor in ’33. What could go wrong?

Otherwise, paraphrasing Napoleon (I think.), “Never distract an enemy when he/she/they are about to screw up.” “Shorty” was “educated” so it may have been in Polish and there may have been more pronouns.


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