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30 Apr 2022

And Here’s the Left

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15 Sep 2021

“AOC Writes ‘Tax The Rich’ In The Sky With Her Private Jet”

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Babylon Bee:

NEW YORK, NY—On her way back to D.C. from the Met Gala, a young lady named AOC made a powerful statement on equity by directing the pilot of her private jet to write ‘Tax The Rich’ in the sky.

The stunningly brave slogan was seen by thousands of people in the area and inspired dozens.

“AOC is a true socialist hero,” said Comrade Maisley Wiggins of the Socialist Party of America. “We couldn’t agree more with her statement that the rich should be taxed, which they clearly aren’t. Of course, AOC should be the exception, due to her being a socialist hero.”

Speaking to reporters after landing in D.C., AOC said: “I, like, just thought of doing that while sitting all bored and stuff in my jet. Then I commanded my indentured slave pilot to write in the sky about how important it is to tax the rich! Yay socialism!”


14 Sep 2021

AOC Attends $35,000-a-Seat Met Gala Wearing Custom Designer “Tax-the-Rich” Dress


Daily Mail:

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez boasted that she boosted Google searches about ‘our f****d up tax code’ by attending the Met Gala, arguably the most elitist event in American celebrity culture, in a borrowed dress with the words ‘tax the rich’ on them, in what critics are calling yet another example of her unedifying hypocrisy.

The 31-year-old socialist firebrand attended the event with her boyfriend Riley Roberts after getting ready at The Carlyle Hotel on the Upper East Side.

She claims she went for free to the event, where tables can cost upwards of $200,000, and that it was her responsibility to do so as an elected official.

‘The Met Gala is seen as elite and inaccessible…As a working class woman, [I] wanted to enjoy the event but also break the fourth wall and challenge the industry,’ she proudly told Vogue at the event.

On Tuesday morning, AOC boasted about the surge in Google searches for the words ‘tax the rich’.

She wrote on Instagram: ‘Surge in people looking up and discussing our f****d up tax code is and how we fix it so we can fund childcare, healthcare, climate action and student loan forgiveness for all? Aurora James understood the assignment.’

But she has been slammed for supporting the event by many who say she simply wanted to enjoy the limelight while trying to pass it off as a political protest in yet another example of her tone-deaf hypocrisy.

AOC – who previously posed on the cover of Vanity Fair, drives a $35,000 Tesla and claims to be ‘100% grass roots from the Bronx’ despite growing up in a wealthy NYC suburb – wore a borrowed dress from Brooklyn designer Brother Vellies, a celebrity favorite run by Aurora James and had her make-up done beforehand by a Bobbi Brown artist. Her hair was styled by Vogue stylist Eric Williams and her shoes and bag were also from Brother Vellies.

The only jewelry she wore was a pair of $450 gold hoops from Mejuri and a $65 ring from the same brand.

She didn’t wear a mask, like many of the other guests. The event was for fully vaccinated guests only but the celebrities in attendance – who regularly preach online about COVID rules – ignored the guidance of the CDC and liberal states like California, where masks are recommended indoors regardless of vaccination status.


25 Nov 2020

AOC for Speaker!


C.J. Grover, in the Spectator, argues that links to Socialism, outside a few twisted urban enclaves are the kiss of death for democrats, and Biden’s support for the radical democrat party base’s noxious ideas was responsible for a bloodbath producing an “astonishing 17-seat gain for the GOP and the Democrats holding the smallest House majority in two decades.”

Why not use the GOP near-House-Majority to give the dems a bit more rope to hang themselves?

For Democrats to be truly honest, America deserves Speaker AOC. House Republicans should hand her the gavel.

The House Speaker is elected at the start of every new Congress by a simple majority of the Representatives-elect, meaning 218 votes in the 435-member body. As noted, the GOP stands to have 214 seats come January. Ocasio-Cortez’s Squad will have five with the addition of Cori Bush of Missouri’s 1st District. Ten if you count all successful candidates backed by Justice Democrats. The votes are there to be had.

Ocasio-Cortez is in open war with her party and hasn’t committed to supporting Pelosi for the job, while Justice Democrats have taken direct aim at Pelosi’s failed leadership. Few politicians since Washington have voluntarily refused power and rebuffing Republican overtures would mean passing on the chance to go from bartender to House Speaker in a mere four years. As Speaker, she would achieve in that short timespan what Bernie Sanders has sought for four decades in public office — actual congressional votes on socialist ideas.


He has a point. It just might work at sinking the democrats nationally, and it would certainly serve Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden right.

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