10 Dec 2020

MSM News Suppression, Big Tech, the Deep State and the Stolen Election

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Glenn Greenwald, now exiled to Substack (and behind a Paywall), is pretty disgusted at how various arms of the establishment and the Deep State cooperated to keep voters in the dark.

All of these vital facts and questions about Hunter’s activities in China were largely suppressed from the voting population by the bulk of the U.S. media, working in tandem with Silicon Valley (which simply prevented the story from being discussed and shared on its key platforms), and the intelligence community. How was this accomplished? Largely through outright propaganda, a blatant two-pronged lie: that these materials should be ignored because they constitute “Russian disinformation.”

There has never been any evidence that Russia played any role whatsoever in these materials (The New York Times acknowledged that “no concrete evidence has emerged that the laptop contains Russian disinformation” and the paper said even the FBI has “acknowledged that it had not found any Russian disinformation on the laptop”). This newly disclosed criminal probe obviously constitutes very strong evidence of their authenticity, as was the confirmation at the time from several participants in the emails that they were genuine. Critically, not even the Bidens denied the materials from the laptop were authentic, as The Times noted last night in its story about the criminal investigation into Hunter: “The Biden team has rejected some of the claims made in the NY Post articles, but has not disputed the authenticity of the [laptop] files upon which they were based.”

Even the letter used by these media outlets to peddle the “Russian disinformation” lie — from known liars: former CIA and other intelligence community leaders, who claimed that the Hunter laptop story “has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information” — admitted that “we do not have evidence of Russian involvement.”

In sum, we have the extraordinary historic disgrace of media outlets collaborating with the intelligence community in the weeks before a presidential election to manufacture and peddle a propagandistic lie to justify censorship of highly relevant materials about the presidential front-runner and his family’s efforts to profit off his name — namely, that the documents were not authentic but rather “Russian disinformation.” …

Leading up to the 2020 election, much of the U.S. media and Silicon Valley giants decided that ensuring Trump’s defeat was such an overarching goal, a moral imperative, that anything and everything was justified to achieve it — including uniting with the professional liars of the CIA to disseminate blatant falsehoods about the Hunter Biden materials in order to discredit them, lead the public to believe they should be ignored, and justify their own burying and censoring of these materials.

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Given how the MSM and twitter have complete meltdowns whenever Ivanka has a
perceived fashion faux paux one can imagine what would have happened had it been her laptop.


“Code Words” that the media just couldn’t seem to follow up on.

“Orbit”, “pizza” and some scribble on the Obbit promo matertials was part of the email jargon of the Podestas, Clintons, and the Democratic Worthies. There was nothing at the Orbit location but “everryone” knew the place so the Worthies could get something at Orbit {Wink! Wink!} without leaving an obvious record. The media loudly proclaimed that there was nothing at Orbit’s. Just don’t look further.

The Hunter laptop and his sexual encounters with his then 14 year old neice got some press that avoided his companies with “-RST” in the name, (Rosemont-Seneca-Thornton, Biden-Kerry+Heinz-Bulger). Rememnber when “Whitey” Bulger (2018) was moved within the Federal Prison System to W. Virginia where a lifer smashed his skull in? There was no “investigation”, so it seems like a “warning” similar to the “explosive” accident that killed the Governor of Georgia Kemp’s future son in law (Harrison Deal).

There has been a lot that the Democratic media has not wanted to investigate. Even when the Hunter “Laptop from Hell” got out, it was used as a cover to distract from things such as the prior Podesta emails and the nature of Epstein’s relationship to “intelligence”.

Thus, it is not only what they don’t cover but what they hide when they are “forced” to cover some event.


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