12 Dec 2020

One Key Reason They Always Win

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Glenn Reynolds quotes a correspondent:

Thought experiment. There are five Democrat justices on the Supreme Court. There was a Democrat president who just ran for reelection. He supposedly lost, but virtually all Democrat voters believe that massive fraud in several Republican controlled states caused him to lose. Many Democrat attorneys general file a lawsuit in the US Supreme Court, essentially identical to the one that is pending now.

Does anyone believe for a second that those five Democrat justices wouldn’t do absolutely anything necessary to make sure the Democrat control of the presidency was maintained? Democrats care about power. Democrats do not care about process, or rules. Now we are being asked to be so meticulous about adhering to the rules, that we are to allow a laughably egregious fraud to succeed, and to permit our own throats to be cut by turning over the executive branch to the people who just committed the biggest political crime in history. I hope five US supreme court justices will show just a tiny bit of the creativity, to put it politely, which Democrat justices had when they, for example, found an imaginary abortion right in the US Constitution. We’ll see what happens.

and adds himself:

People always take for granted that the liberal justices will stick together, and rule for the Democrats. Even Democrats take that for granted.

2 Feedbacks on "One Key Reason They Always Win"


It seems as if SCOTUS has followed the route of pettifoggery while ignoring the real-waorld needs of the Republic. The Court is on the way to being as relevant as the Kabala. The outcome will then probably get to what the Executive Branch (President Trump) can accomplish and what “The People” will need to do. Last time, it was Secession, this time, it is Conquest by fraud. There doesn’t seem to be an “Illinois Abe” in the deck this time. Messy.

Seattle Sam

That’s because rule of law is a core value of conservatism and not of Democrats. It’s also why pacifists don’t win many wars.


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