07 Jan 2021

The Irony Was Choice

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It is ironic and amusing that the Left which always sides with the criminals against the police, and which wants the police to be defunded and calls for policemen to be jailed when they are obliged to employ physical force against criminals resisting arrest, yesterday placed absolute reliance on the police, the military (whom they always betray and in which they do not serve), and the National Guard (consisting entirely of the deporables they despise) to protect them and to defend the confirmation of their stolen election from the righteous wrath of the offended American people.

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Carl LeFong

The same people who applauded the release of those who burned of Minneapolis now approve of killing of someone who dared approach their place.

Jonathan Sams

You will have to rename your blog now. “Pretty Much Melted” or “Soft, Comfortable and Sedated” seem more accurate.


Indeed. After murdering Ashley Babbit, USAF Airman Ashley Babbit, the traitors add to their pension shipping the drunken Nancy D’Alesndro Pelosi back to her empire of $hit-filled $treets,. Jes’ business acording to Massa Obama. What is a little blood on the windshield? Capitol Po-Po are Nancy’s hit men.

They will provide fine fuel for her fire.


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