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19 Jan 2021

The Biden Presidency Requires Razor Wire and Previously-Vetted Troops

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Glenn Reynolds admires the new Banana Republic America as exemplified in the post-Stolen-Election 2021 Caudillo Inauguration.

THIS IS NORMAL: FBI vetting Guard troops in DC amid fears of insider attack. “U.S. defense officials say they are worried about an insider attack or other threat from service members involved in securing President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, prompting the FBI to vet all of the 25,000 National Guard troops coming into Washington for the event.”

This is what happens when you define half the population as enemies of the state.

And nothing says “normal, legitimate election” like a swearing-in behind 12 feet of razor wire and 25,000 troops that you’re not sure you can trust.


07 Jan 2021

The Irony Was Choice

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It is ironic and amusing that the Left which always sides with the criminals against the police, and which wants the police to be defunded and calls for policemen to be jailed when they are obliged to employ physical force against criminals resisting arrest, yesterday placed absolute reliance on the police, the military (whom they always betray and in which they do not serve), and the National Guard (consisting entirely of the deporables they despise) to protect them and to defend the confirmation of their stolen election from the righteous wrath of the offended American people.

07 Jan 2021

Regretful Tweet

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10 Dec 2020

It Just Does Not Make Sense


Michael Walsh lists the many reasons that it’s impossible to believe that Biden legitimately won.

Let’s start with this inconvenient and overriding truth about the 2020 election: there is no such thing as a Joe Biden fan. Nobody actually likes Joe Biden, nobody admires him, nobody looks up to him. He’s no one’s idea of role model or an aspiration.

Throughout his nearly 50-year career as a Washington hack politician—a nobody from a state that most Americans can’t find on a map, a lifelong, superannuated swamp dweller who has enriched himself and his family through “public service” and contributed nothing to the commonweal—Biden, 78, has “run” for president on a couple of occasions, only to discover that nobody cared.

His lies about his academic record—he didn’t win a full scholarship to Syracuse law school and didn’t graduate in the top half of his class—were easily exposed, and his speechifying pilferage from other politicians, such as both Jack and Bobby Kennedy and Britain’s Neil Kinnock, made him a laughingstock, even among reporters otherwise favorably disposed toward his brand of big-government Democrat politics.

And yet here he is, the self-proclaimed “president-elect” of the United States, a doddering senescent braggart, serial liar, plagiarist, and handsy hair-sniffer, who is even now assembling a fantasy cabinet chosen strictly along the progressive lines of race, sex, and class. If the count is to be believed, Biden somehow received more votes for president (80 million) than anyone in history, even more than the media-canonized Barack Hussein Obama, whose yes-man and water boy Biden was for eight years.

Nobody attended his few rallies. His notable absence from the hustings gave a new meaning to a “front porch” campaign for the highest office in the land, this one conducted furtively from his Delaware basement. He was often masked—his obeisance to the Dreaded Covid—and almost always accompanied protectively by his wife, “Dr.” Jill Biden, a former teacher at the open-admissions Delaware Technical and Community College, who holds a doctorate in the least demanding academic “discipline” there is, education.

His running mate, Kamala Harris is, if anything, even less popular than Biden. As I wrote in April of 2017, just as America was beginning to get a good look at her: “Imagine a combination of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and you’ve got Kamala Harris, the current seat-warming senator from California who, like Obama, is using the World’s Greatest Deliberative Body as a resume-puncher before swiftly moving on to bigger things: the 2020 Democrat presidential nomination… She combines Obama’s race with Hillary’s sex, and as identity politics goes these days, that’s going to be tough to beat.”


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