24 Jan 2021

A Day With Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

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I used to find Hunter S. Thompson intriguing and entertaining. Now, he just seems sad and evil. Thompson wrote about the edge, how only those who’ve gone over it know what it is. This statement, coupled with the sheer, excesses he openly engaged in, to me, lend credence to certain claims ive read, about him participating in vile, murderous debauchery. His visage doesn’t represent the rebellious wildcard anymore, instead it is a warning against the emptiness of pleasure and the dangers of unchecked excess.


BIGJON, I’m more in agreement with you than not. I was, however, struck by what I imagine HT’s response would be-

“-but there’s a downside”


If you can’t buy the ticket, don’t take the ride.

Big Mac

Bad craziness

Fusil Darne

It was something I never grasped, why, why in hell did everyone think this tripe was so grand? The guy appeared to be a complete nutcase.
Appearances can be right on the money, and sometimes a teenager from the Midwest, me, this time, can be right on the money.
I didn’t get it. But, I didn’t realize how correct I was at the time.


Sometimes he was wickedly incisive and funny, but that was on early on. His early UPI reporting was pretty good. Later, after his first couple of successful books, his brand maintenance took over and he devolved into shtick to regale his Hollywood adorers and generate cash. This video shows the angry, sometimes menacing bore that others spoke of. A sad end to leave for your family to discover.

david pershing

so what if hst pimped his patented hyperbole of his own derivative pastiche … get a fuckin’ life !!!


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