24 Mar 2021

Happy 90th Birthday, Bill!


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Robert Kendall

captain kirk doest phuque around

Robert Kendall



is that a gussied-up-for-TV AR-7 (?) “survival” .22? the one that takes down and stores in its floating stock? I think Henry markets them these days.

point of order- an marine would not describe himself as an “ex”. ;)


I’m a retired (recovering) lawyer of the litigating variety. Thus, nobody holds lawyers in lower esteem than I, and I come by that opinion honestly. My disdain for all things lawyerly extends to literary/cinematic/televised versions of lawyerly themes, so I never watched “Boston Legal.” However, I may make an exception for this show, if the clip is an indication of its general tenor. (Also, I have grown to very much like and appreciate The Shat, his matrimonial adventures notwithstanding.) This was the… GREATEST FUCKIN’ THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!


This scene Danny Crane scene is right up there with the one you posted:

Schill McGuffin

I do believe it is, GWBNYC. Best known in media for being issued to James Bond in From Russia With Love. Its odd that they don’t display it more — perhaps its shown off more, and its “collapsibility” demonstrated in a previous scene or episode?

Joe Gruber

Yes, it’s an AR7 survival rifle. My uncle Hans had one.


thanks all for the info. there was a pistol, too, kinda C-96 Mauserly looking.

quick story.

I got in a conversation with a man I did not know in a safe venue. he was staying at the Jane Hotel on West Street in Greenwich Village (it was quite a hellhole). he related to me he was feeling suicidal and he had a .22 rifle in his room, it was his family’s he said and he just wanted rid of it. I said let’s walk over and I’ll buy it from you. we got there and it was an AR-7 in its proper cardboard box. I said I’d give him the price on the box, 59.95. he said fine, we walked to a cash machine, I gave him the money, we walked back and I left with the rifle. I soon after gave it to a friend who had a farm near Binghampton where he said it would be useful. later he was out on long island and a guy in a hardware store had a pile of aftermarket accessories for one so he bought the lot at a good price. at the time he was transporting a giant styrofoam clamshell we had made for a commercial strapped on his truck, now that I think about it.



I give Boston Legal two opposable thumbs up. Most lawyer shows are full of lawyers, but Boston Legal is full of Denny Crane. I suspect the Denny Crane character is quite close to the real Bill Shatner. It’s a fun ride!


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