03 May 2021

One Third of Software Company’s Employees Quit When Workplace Wokeness is Banned


Daily Wire:

About one-third of employees at software company Basecamp quit days after bosses told them to keep ideology out of the workplace and focus on the company’s actual business.

“We make project management, team communication, and email software,” CEO Jason Fried wrote April 26. We don’t have to solve deep social problems, chime in publicly whenever the world requests our opinion on the major issues of the day, or get behind one movement or another with time or treasure. These are all important topics, but they’re not our topics at work.”

Tech journalist Casey Newton said about one-third of the company’s roughly 60 employees took buyouts shortly after, with one fuming: “Basically the company has said, ‘well, your opinions don’t really matter — unless it’s directly related to business…’ A lot of people are gonna have a tough time living with that.”

Newton reported at Platformer that woke tensions boiled over after, in December, a new hire “volunteered to help the company work on diversity issues.”

This included criticizing the fact that for years, many employees had contributed to a list called “Best Names Ever” in which they placed funny customer names — of “the sorts of names Bart Simpson used to use when prank calling Moe the Bartender: Amanda Hugginkiss, Seymour Butz, Mike Rotch.”

A third of the company joined a diversity initiative behind the volunteer, and two employees who had contributed to the list of funny names asked why there had never been an “internal reckoning” over it. They apologized for their involvement and included a link to something called the “pyramid of hate” from the Anti-Defamation League.

The pyramid lists “non-inclusive language, microaggressions” at the bottom and “genocide” at the top, saying, “If people or institutions treat behaviors on the lower levels as being acceptable or ‘normal,’ it results in the behaviors at the next level becoming more accepted.”

Basecamp chief technology officer and co-founder David Heinemeier Hansson, the father of the popular web development framework Ruby on Rails, condemned the list of funny names but found the invocation of genocide to be an example of “catastrophizing” that had the effect of shutting down rational conversation.

When one employee continued to push this line of logic, Hansson pointed out that that employee, himself, had participated in discussions making fun of customers’ names. “You are the person you are complaining about,” he thought, Newton reported.

Soon after, Fried, who along with Hansson has long been recognized as an expert on cultivating productive workplace culture, said the company was making changes to make sure there was “no forgetting what we do here.”

There would be “no more societal and political discussions” on official company channels, he said, calling it “a major distraction. It saps our energy, and redirects our dialog towards dark places.”

On Twitter, John Breen, whose bio describes him as “He/Him. ADHD. Software developer. Queer. High Maintenance,” tallied the exodus in a thread that began:

“Ex-basecampers: we need people like you at Mozilla!” one Mozilla employee responded.


8 Feedbacks on "One Third of Software Company’s Employees Quit When Workplace Wokeness is Banned"

robert kendall

one thing about “snowflakes”, the sure melt easily…..

Dan Kurt

The book Corporate Cancer: How to Work Miracles and Save Millions by Curing Your Company by Vox Day demonstrates why and how Basecamp will thrive with these social justice warriors now extirpated from the firm.

Dan Kurt


Guess I’m just too simple. Always thought if on company time stick to company production.


That comment from a Mozilla employee reminds me why I switched from Firefox to Brave. No, you don’t need employees who spend more time saving the world then doing their jobs.

A. Squaretail

Anyone who hires one of these disturbed, unbalanced dweebs will regret it. They clearly are capable of functioning in society let alone an effective business team. Every company they touch will turn to Schiff. It would be an interesting study to follow their careers, the destruction they will cause and the implosion of their professional lives.

Gerard vanderleun

I’d keep track of them for the Purge.


Good move, but I have to ask, Didn’t anyone notice that productivity was being sacrificed on the intersectional altar?

Lee Also

I didn’t even know Mozilla still existed.

I guess Basecamp is hiring. Sounds like it could be a great place to work.


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