24 May 2021

“No Race Has Ever Done More for Another Race than White Americans Have Done for Black Americans”

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Vasko Kohlmayer, who grew up in Czechoslovakia under Communism, has the effrontery to confront directly our age’s biggest lie.

The notion that Blacks in America are oppressed by White people is a complete lie. The exact opposite is, in fact, the case. Rather than being discriminated against, American Blacks enjoy special rights, privileges, and advantages that are unavailable to White Americans. These advantages extend into every aspect of America’s public life and can be traced to legislation passed back in the 1960s.

As Paul Craig Roberts put it recently:

    “A system of racial privileges for blacks was forced on universities, employers, and the population. Less qualified blacks were given preference over more qualified whites in university admissions, employment and promotion. Freezes are used against white admissions, employment, and promotion until racial balance is achieved.”

Rather than being institutionally oppressed, American Blacks have been accorded a whole array of institutional advantages over Whites.

This represents a truly remarkable state of affairs because it stands as the only known instance in history whereby a racial majority in power has voluntarily agreed to relinquish its standing and allow discrimination against themselves in favor of a racial minority.

We urge you to pause and spend some time contemplating the profound significance of this. Never before has such a thing happened in the annals of mankind.

Can you conceive of any other race that would ever do such a thing? Can you imagine an Arab majority voluntarily discriminating against themselves in favor of Blacks? Can you imagine the Chinese doing this? Or Indians? As far as Blacks themselves they have been known – when in power – to be among some of the most ruthless oppressors of other races and ethnicities. Can you imagine a ruling Black majority in any country relinquishing its power and discriminating against themselves in favor of a minority? This is simply unimaginable.

And yet White Americans have done precisely this. They are the only racial group in history about whom such a thing can be said. This is a historic achievement and a powerful testimony to the intrinsic kindness and goodwill of White Americans.

The help that White Americans have extended to Blacks is not limited to voluntary self-abnegation, reverse discrimination, and preferential treatment. In 2012, for example, nearly half of the Black population have been on some kind of federal means-tested program. According to the data provided by the United States Census Bureau, “at 41.6 percent, blacks were more likely to participate in government assistance programs in an average month” than any other racial demographic. As a point of comparison, Black participation in these programs was three times the rate of non-Hispanic Whites.

Thus, over the years, trillions of dollars have been pumped into the Black community through various government initiatives. From nearly thirty trillion spent on the war on poverty, a disproportionate share has flowed into the Black community. According to the analysis by Independent Institute:

    The estimated aggregate cost of the War on Poverty is nearly $28 trillion, which is three and a half times higher than the $8 trillion total price tag of every major war since the American Revolution.

If we make the assumption that the rate of Black participation in the War on Poverty related programs has historically been around 40 percent (see here), Black people would have received more than 10 trillion dollars in government transfer payments as part of this initiative alone. Reparations, anyone?

And do you remember Barrack Obama, a Black man, who was elected President of the United States almost solely because of the color of his skin? Were Mr. Obama White, he would have stood no chance of being catapulted to the highest office in the land given his rather limited accomplishments at the time of his candidacy. Furthermore, Barrack Obama was elected president not once but twice with most of his votes coming from White people.


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All you need do is look at the number of American blacks choosing to “go back” to Africa. Your ancestors suffered under slavery but that suffering is what allowed you to be born in America rather than Africa. You’re free to move to Africa where you won’t be subjected to the evils and the horrors of life as a black person in America, why don’t you take advantage of it? Well, we know why.


Poor Ideology driven Lefties thought that anyone could prosper with the right environment didn’t understand that the slaves traded for brightly colored cloth or rum were mostly a program by the Igbo, Youruba and Ashanti to get rid of the non-productive “defectives” who were a burden on their society. It isn’t surprising that the descendants of those non-productive “defectives” can not or will not cooperate, learn, or hold a useful job. It isn’t “Race” since “normal” immigrats from West Africa seem to do “OK” in schools and jobs, in the U.S. and the U.K. The problem, Our problem, seems to be that those traded into the Atlantic Slave Trade were most often traded to remove a burden from the West African tribes. Slavery isn’t the “cause” of that population’s dysfunctrion, slavery is the result of the dysfunction of the original population. A minority of “normals” were enslaved due to conquest, kidnapping or wars. The criteria is not in “intelligence” but in the ability to adapt and to be useful to others. Normals built a life, the dysfunctional were dysfunctional and passed that trait on to their descendants. The environment that the descendants of the dysfunctional created is called “The Ghetto”.


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