25 May 2021

“Biden Drops Student Loan Forgiveness From Latest Budget”

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this’ll load a lotta diapers…

Lee Also


And I say that as someone with student loans.


Oh. Come On! You don’t expect those who joined the coup to put the stuffed diaper in the formerly “White” House are going to pay your way also. One diaper is enough and it will need cleaning pretty soon.

Get a job! It will be tough when you have to compete with the Illegals for work, but there are diapers to empty and yards to maintain. Better hope that Mah & Pah will still have you for dinner once and a while. If the coup-financiers are strapped, you might be able to work off the loan interest at some government camp, er, program. Better than the retirement package that Trotsky got. Remember that there are thousands like you who will give all (that you have) to be part of the Glorious Revolution. Keep your head down. The plans the Kapo has for you will not get your loan repaid and might bring additional pain. Enjoy your reward in the Glorious Revolution. Did you actually think that you were “Special”?


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