19 Jul 2021

California Housing Prices

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My wife Karen forwarded, for schadenfreude laughs, this Zillow record of a recent house sale in San Jose.

San Jose is a depressing, intensely-governed police state of a small city, consisting of truly ghastly cheap suburban houses built of ticky-tacky squatting at the bottom of Silicon Valley and spilling up on to some of the scrub-covered surrounding hills.


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True, but it gets you out of the “bottoms” like Oakland or the Portapotty on the Bay City. Location, Location, (and neighbors).

Someday they will realize that their “selected” government made it all happen. I bet they think that the property will be their retirement nest-egg. Dream on, Kulak.

The house next door (and maybe yours) will be subdivided to provide hovels for the relocated “Team Ghetto” and the “homeless” in order to cleanse the scenic property owned by the “Bigs”. I hear that the colonization of Compton, California was a grand success, for some people. Be optimistic. Maybe they will buy you out (pennies on the dollar) instead of having Burn-Loot-Murder take you out.


Holy cow! Think of the value of those tents at the big box outdoor stores!

T. Shaw

The Fed [and Congress] engineering a bubble to fix the last bubble it engineered to fix the last bubble it engineered to fix the last bubble it engineered . . . ad infinitum . . .

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