02 Aug 2021

Best GOP Political Ad

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Teddy Daniels is running for Congress from Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District.

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Perfect for what? ‘Red-meat America’ candidates are regularly eaten for lunch in Congress and typically don’t get very much done. He’ll be fresh meat and not much else if this is his approach. Give me someone that knows how politics works and is able to communicate his / her objectives in a coherent message. I’d be more likely to vote for that – because I can measure progress against stated objectives.


The Congress is deeply entrenched with decades of self serving evil. There are so many extraneous systems in place to preserve this faux representative government that the notion of sending the right person to fix it is ludicrous. There is no person capable of such a feat. If such a person arose and then managed to start dismantling the machine, the machine would not stand idly by and allow it. Well funded systems of evil have elaborate defensive apparatuses in place. Over the past 6 years in America, we have witnessed these defensive machines churn into motion and destroy any who even entertain notions of dismantling it.

Jeff S

Not supporting someone who is at least willing to try to fight the “swamp” is no different than bending over, whimpering “Thank you sir, may I have another”.

GOP establishment in my state of Georgia has mounted a campaign to undermine Hershal Walker from running for senate. It seems they would rather lose than see a nonmember of their club elected.


With the right kind of support Herschel Walker would be a good Congressman, but as a newbie he’ll need careful guidance and mentoring. The Georgia GOPe seem to have flickerings of awareness that their time might be up. I see the SOS kind of desperately trying to shuffle his footing to look conservative. I don’t think Georgians have forgotten that vicious soap opera they call the ‘2020 Election’ so easily though – at least, I hope not.

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Thanks for mellow harshing Aggie-because nothing says I give the fuck up like sending more Romneys to DC.

Now you can kiss my ass.

Yaacov ben Moshe

Yup! If you are offended or threatened, you are useless.


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