27 Sep 2021

No Internet Since Thursday


Viasat Exede satellite Internet went down Thursday. Their service reps have no explanation and can provide no predicted time of restored service.

The outage is affecting customers over most of the country. Rumors claim a train derailed and set on fire an Exede facility somewhere in Texas or Washington state or Illinois or Canada, a cable was damaged and the authorities will not allow techs to enter to make repairs. Who knows?

What seems even more strange is the complete lack of media coverage.

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Well, it’s not as if the President had dementia, lied about Afghanistan, the FBI is corrupt top to bottom, and all of Trump-Russia conspiracy was a hoax. Media has their hands full protecting their paymasters at the DNC and the CCP.


Please remembedr that the Internet IS the Media. If no body talks, “it” never happened. Seems like they all work for the same people. It ain’t news unless they can twist it to make Trump look bad. Why are you surprised?

“Sides, a fire means somebody screwed up. That situation could never happen. Engineering, redundancy, and disconnects and all. Actually sounds like one of dem-dere “Diversa-Tee” projects. After all, dah railroads have been designing safety systems for something like a century and a half, if anyone cared to look. They have a very interesting concept called a “firewall”. That separates the fire-prone “Power” from the vulnerable techie stuff. If the power section goes “BBQ” someone pulls a manual disconnect and get power from the machine on wheels which is “alwaqys” standing by.

If a fire in the power section destroys the techie stuff, then they have a “moron” problem and you will never see it in the news. If you are a “911” or “critical function” kind of place, get a new ISP as soon as you can. The idiots that went down will get people killed.

How long have you been hallucinating? Just asking.


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