26 Nov 2021

“It Sounds Possible That the Revolution Has Started in Wisconsin. It Started With This Christmas Parade.”

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A self-proclaimed “militant” who apparently supports “Black Lives Matter” took to social media to say the incident at a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin may be the start of a “revolution”.

39-year-old Darrell Brooks, a black man, is suspected of being behind the wheel of the SUV which barreled through the parade. He is due to appear in court on Tuesday.

Five people were killed and almost 50 were injured by the SUV. Authorities have yet to release any information which points to a clear motivation for the violence.

Vaun Mayes, who describes himself in his Twitter bio as a community activist, battle rapper, militant, and tattoo artist, among other titles, said on a Facebook Live on Monday “it sounds possible that the revolution has started in Wisconsin. It started with this Christmas parade.”

6 Feedbacks on "“It Sounds Possible That the Revolution Has Started in Wisconsin. It Started With This Christmas Parade.”"


It didn’t start anything. What it did do is basically cancel out news coverage of both Rittenhouse and the Arbery cases. So, basically sucked the oxygen out of the BLM cause once again. Winning!

Pip McGuigin

The noted historian Vaun Mayes speaks from authority. He senses the future. So running over kids in a parade from behind is the start of the revolution? I don think so Lucy. It was a crazy black doing what crazy blacks do and having other crazy blacks pontificating about its significance. BLM? Not at all.

Seattle Sam

Not to worry. The media is blaming the SUV, not the driver. You know, like Steven King’s “Christine”. Prosecutors have always said they could indict a ham sandwich. I guess they can get one against a car.
But I’ll give the Post credit for consistency. They have always maintained that guns, not criminals, kill people. Cars and knives, too.



I doubt if the Waukesha murders were a BLM action but the parade murders do weaken the BLM theory that Black people are peaceful “normies” who are just being held down by White Oppression. Looks more like the African American community has a bunch of “savages” that their community has never delt with. It makes it much harder to “sell” the peaceful, oppressed people bill of goods. It was enjoyable to note that the death and injuries were brought to the “Liberal” town of Waukesha. The funerals and hospital visits might help them identify the problem.


The civil war began before we were born. The revolution begins if/when we finally begin to fight back.

Fusil Darne

Do you really want a revolution at 13 to 87? Might want to rethink the whole thing.


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