04 Feb 2022

Even Bill Maher Has Had Enough


HT: Vanderleun.

2 Feedbacks on "Even Bill Maher Has Had Enough"

Seattle Sam

It’s amazing that both parties (but principally the Democrats) allow themselves to become caricatures that most of the country ridicules.
Who in the DNC thinks that supporting crime and criminals is a winning position? Who in the RNC thinks that re-prosecuting a stolen election is a winner?


I am becoming more convinced that the violence in the cities is a way to get rid of the “nomies” and to thus provide an excuse for the colonization of the abandoned areas by the Illegal Aliens. It worked in Compton (Calif) where the new Hispanic population, and their gangs, drove the Black gang-bangers out of that town. Compton went from ~100% Black with ~100 murders per year to ~70% Hispanic with almost no violent crime. You are going to love your new neighbors, refugees from the cities…..


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