03 Apr 2022

Yesterday I Closed Our Disney Account

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4 Feedbacks on "Yesterday I Closed Our Disney Account"


Cute ‘toon. What was the bait in the trap?

Cash would be too trivial. One of Epstein’s products? Biden’s niece?

Or are we working with a “trans-mouse”?

Spurt Reynolds

CEO and upper management need to go. They are killing the company. Shareholders own the company and most of upper mgt owns very little stock. Cut them loose and get business people not woke activists.

bob sykes

We are about to get a Supreme Court Justice who openly supports and defends pedophiles.

Legalization of pedophilia, long a goal of NAMBLA, is coming very soon.

Iulian Neeley

My granddad remembers a public lynching for an aggravated rape as recently as 1946, in front of the courthouse, and with the sheriff (a democrat!) turning a blind eye. It’s hard to imagine being part of something like that…until you have your own children.


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