09 Jul 2022

Radical Feminist Group at MIT Undertakes Revised Conceptions of Space & Time

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Babbling Beaver:

MIT’s Consortium for Graduate Studies in Gender, Culture, Women & Sexuality seeks to forge new “liberatory conceptions of space and time in the contexts of racial justice, abolition, disability rights, queer/trans ecologies, human development, death studies and practices, embodiment, community building, and more.

Send proposals (and your pronouns) here.


What we need is an academic conference discussing How In Hell Did These Whackjobs Ever Get Academic Positions? and What Exactly, Beyond Firing, Should Be Done To The Adminstrators Responsible?

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology. What does all this have to do with Technology? Oh, wait, they’ve invented a time machine!


Heinlein was an optimist.


Freed from the cage and still singing the song of the caged bird a century on.

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It’s past time to begin culling the herd.


Think how much fun it would be to attend that conference. Imagine the raging idiocy. Think how hard it would be to keep a straight face.


Hairless Joe

Next do the Second Law of Thermodynamics and the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. They’re at least as confining as the speed of light.


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