08 Jul 2022

When Donald Trump Is Re-Elected

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Babylon Bee:

1: Spray Febreze on the Oval Office curtains to get the old man smell out: Step one to draining the swamp is giving it a flowery scent.


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bob sykes

I voted for him twice, but I will not vote for him again. He is too old and too divisive. He was a poor President who could not control his own White House staff, and who was easily led astray by his son-in-law and daughter. His Middle Eastern policy was lunatic.


He was the best most effective and perhaps the smartest president in our entire history and was elected twice at a time when we need him most. Imagine what he could have done if the Republicans had supported him and if his own cabinet and staff had been all true patriots. We now see how many of them were traitors and undermined him.

A. Squaretail

I’m generally with Mr. Sykes. Except for that bit about the Mideast. And I think that Trump was the President necessary for his time. It’s just that the time has passed.


Disappointing thread.

Politicians strangle us, Trump is not a politician.

So, what time we had has elapsed, and we are passed into oblivion.

Without so much as a squeak.

This was not a time for deep thoughtfulness.


They hate him because they hate us more. He’s got my vote and support, and blood, if necessary, to get the marxist cancer cut out of our land and restore some promise for our young folks.


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