13 Sep 2022

What the Hell?


This, this! is running for the Senate from Pennsylvania.

John Fetterman’s last name sounds like the name of a good old Pennsylvania Dutchman, but take one look at him. He’s got a skinhead and a billy goat goatee. His arms are covered with tattoos. And he’s out there giving speeches, running for the highest office in the Commonwealth, wearing workout clothes. The SOB looks like a recently released brig rat running for head of the local outlaw biker chapter, not for Senator.

Unbelievable! Who would vote for that?

On top of everything else, he’s a Gen X-er who is really more like a millennial. He sponged off his parents until he was 49 (he’s now 53), and like fellow leftist Bernie Sanders from Vermont, he went from being a bum to being a town mayor, after winning the primary by one vote and then running as as a democrat unopposed.

Even better, running in Pennsylvania, he’s pro Gun Control, wants to release more felons from jail, and he hates fracking. You can imagine his position on Coal.

Fetterman belongs in California, not PA.

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He’s running for Senator – but yes to everything else.

He also recently had a stroke, can barely speak, and wears the hoodies because he has a giant goiter or something growing out of his neck.


Thanks. I was having a senior moment.


I thought that the Sioux took care of Fetterman over a century ago. Then I realized this guys campaign is just a homage to the Fetterman Massacre?

bob sykes

He’s leading in the polls, and likely will win election to the Senate.

M. Murcek

He’s in the lead thanks to Trump’s idiotic endorsement of Oz and the unbelievable vapidity of 1/2 the voters in PeeAye.


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