14 Sep 2022

Secret Report on Yale’s Administrative Bloat Leaked

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Last November, the information came out in connection with a secret internal report that Yale now had more administrators than faculty or students:

The numbers:

4,664 undergraduate students

4,962 faculty

5,042 administrators


“I think we don’t yet have a Vice President for the rights of the left-handed, but I haven’t checked this month.” — Professor Leslie Brisman.


The report discussing this astounding proliferation of bureaucracy (and its negative impact on teaching) was never released and quickly swept deeply under the Woodbridge Hall rug.

But these things have a way of coming out, despite coverup efforts and, what do you know? somebody evidently leaked the damaging report to the alumni reform organization “Fight for Yale.”


“[T]here are currently 31 people with the title of ‘Vice President’ (or ‘Associate Vice President’) at Yale and also 7 with the title of ‘Vice Provost’; this may be compared to only 5 Vice Presidents in 2003-4 and 14 in 2012-13. Table 4 provides some
other counts of people with titles with the words ‘student affairs,’ ‘student engagement,’ ‘student life,’ ‘diversity,’ ‘strategic initiatives,’ or ‘sustainability’ in their job titles. …”

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They have graduated all the third raters with useless degrees, so they have to put them somewhere to keep up the scam.

Lee Also

I worked at a small university several years ago when the diversity mania started. The university had six schools/colleges. They hired seven deans or VPs of Diversity, one for each school/college and one for the university as a whole. Of course, each one had to have a staff. The smallest staff was three. The largest was seven. So, roughly thirty new people were hired to do pretty much nothing but graft of of the university.


The primary purpose of any organization, regardless of its stated purpose, is to perpetuate itself.

Univ of Saigon 68

JerrySkids, you nailed it.


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