12 Jan 2023

First They Came for….

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Issues and Insights Editorial Board rightly recognizes an alarming trend.

First They Came For My Showerhead And I Did Nothing, Then They Came For My Light Bulbs And I Did Nothing, Now They Want My Gas Stove And ….

The news that the federal government is seriously considering a ban on the sale of gas stoves caught many normal Americans off guard. It shouldn’t have. Nor should they believe it when a regulator says they won’t actually ever ban the thing.

And they’re right: It Can Happen Here!


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Lee Also

They came for toilets, too, awhile back.


I stopped by the local gun shop today. They were in a panic over this: https://pagetwo.completecolorado.com/2023/01/09/colorado-democrats-aim-to-ban-entire-class-of-semiautomatic-weapons/

Mass shooting prevention act 2023. Just plain simple hunting guns will be the only rifles. And maybe revolvers. They will grandfather the banned ones. No transfers after the law. I never believed I’d see the day popular fire arms would be outlawed.


They have no intention of banning gas stoves, that’s just a “first offer” so they can “compromise” by mandating smart indoor air quality monitors to go with the smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and radon detectors. Don’t be surprised when you discover these smart indoor air quality monitors contain hidden cameras and microphones. For the children.


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