08 Feb 2023


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Anti-American “journalist” Seymour Hersh expects to whip up a frenzy of indignation by leaking how we blew up the Nordstream pipeline. I was myself all smiles reading the story. Yay, US! Even the Biden-Harris Administration can, once in a blue moon, get something right.

Go wet your bed, Seymour.

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He just blew the cover off of all the lies the Biden Administration fed us. If you’re happy about being lied to and treated like a fool, there’s no help for you.

Wonder how our German allies feel about it.


Ah! The Buchananite paleos find common ground with the commies! Covert operations are characteristically covert. I’m overjoyed that we actually stood up to the Mongoloid Russkies and are taking serious steps to oppose their brutal aggression and shameful violation of the 1994 Budapest Memorandum. Biden did something right for once. It’s kind of a miracle.


Germany can lump it if it doesn’t like it.


The enemy of your enemy is the enemy of your enemy, not your friend. When you are pushed into a game, remember your objectives. The Russia of the Katyn Forest and Izyum go first, then the local threat. I have a good memory.


I don’t believe the US sent navy seals into Russia to blow up a pipeline. It is just impossible to explain if they got caught. Even during Afghanistan, we did not send in Americans to do our dirty work. That would’ve provoked the Russkies too much.

Clovis Sangrail

Maybe a bad policy to wage covert warfare on your allies?
If you do that you won’t have too many.

bob sykes

First, this attack did not occur in Russia. It occurred near Bornholm Island in the Baltic Sea near the Dutch coast.

Second, this was an attack by the US on Germany (!!!), not Russia, to bring Germany to heel. It worked. The slavish, supine, submissive Germans are once again on their leash.

Clovis Sangrail

@Bob Sykes and @JDZ
As I said. a covert attack on an ally.
Way to go!
(That was sarcasm, BTW).

I spend much of my life in the UK supporting the USA, but when I read stuff like this, from a blogger that I admire, I just despair.

If the covert attack had taken place and had been immediately followed by a declaration of war on Germany, I might just have found it acceptable, as it is, if true, I think it despicable.
Do you want any allies?
Spare me the usual (and somewhat justified) rant about useless parasitic allies; you need them, America can not go it entirely alone.

Having a daughter and a son-in-law in the UK armed forces, I really don’t know what to say to them but it won’t be complimentary about the US.


Ukraine is just as communist as Russia. Only idiots try to distinguish the two that way. It’s just that the Ukraine was a convenient shithole to launder foreign aid through and have it come back into Democrat and RINO pockets.

Some people are so easily propagandized when they keep living in the 1950’s in their heads.


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